Drainage Ways & Swales


To maintain water-free roadways, drainage ways/swales have been established in the ditches on the side of Village streets in Village right-of-way. The Village Municipal Code prohibits filling or otherwise impeding the flow of water in any of these drainage way/swale/depression areas. In areas where a swale or depression has not yet been constructed, the permittee shall be responsible for establishing a 12 to 18 inch swale or depression with a maximum five-to-one slope allowed with the right-of-way unless otherwise approved by the Public Works Department/Village Engineer. Swale requirements defined in the approved plat of subdivision must be adhered to if more restrictive than the 12 or 18 inch requirement.

Final Inspection

A final inspection by the Public Works Department must be attained when the process is complete.


A fine may be imposed for filling in a drainage way or swale. In addition, any person convicted of a violation will pay the cost of restoring the swale.

Draining Storm Water Through Sanitary Sewers

Residents are reminded that the manholes in the streets are part of the sanitary sewer collection system, not storm sewers. Sanitary sewers are not designed to remove storm water. They are, in fact, designed to keep it out. If large volumes of storm water enter the sanitary sewers, it will result in sewer backups in all homes connected to the system, not just those that are threatened by storm water. The resulting sewer backups are potentially far more devastating than the storm water damage.

Residents should also note that it is a violation of Village ordinance to open manhole covers or pump water into sanitary drains such as sinks or basement floor drains. Anyone doing so is subject to citation.


Be aware of your property constraints (easements, swales, etc.). If you require help identifying these areas, call Building Inspection at 715-345-5312.

Structures, Improvements & Alterations in the Village Right-of-Way

The typical Village right-of-way in residential areas is 25 to 33 feet from the center of the pavement.

A Street Row Permit (PDF) is required anytime there are any alterations or improvements made within the Village's right-of-way. A permit is also required when any type of structure, (including landscaping, boulders/rocks, timbers, pipes, etc.), is proposed to be placed within the Village's right-of-way.

Permit applications, fee schedules and approval process information are available at the Village Clerk's office. Additionally, Village residents should be aware that the Village is not liable and will not replace landscaping or amenities of any type such as, but not limited to, trees, shrubs, sprinklers, flowers, landscaping timbers, fencing, rock/stone arrangements and driveways placed in Village right-of-way which may be damaged during public works projects, snow plowing, or street maintenance.

Removal of the graveled street shoulder is strictly prohibited. If the shoulder is altered by work of any kind, the only material allowed to replace the shoulder is recycled asphalt. If the right-of-way is altered by work of any kind, such as removing or adding dirt, a swale with a minimum depth of 12 inches must be established. The material in the bottom of the swale must be a maximum depth of 3 inches and of a pervious type that allows for drainage. A final inspection by the Public Works Department for any of the items listed above must be attained to complete the permit process. Failure to obtain a permit or inspection for any of the items listed above may result in fines and all costs associated with remedying the violation.

More Information

Please contact the Public Works Department at 715-345-5257 with questions or for more information.