History of Plover's Wastewater System

Initial Facility

Prior to the incorporation of the Village of Plover, homes and businesses in the area were served by septic tanks. As the population grew, so did the number and density of septic tanks. The area soil conditions, with sandy soils and high groundwater, made the entire area susceptible to contamination of the groundwater. The increasing number of septic tanks increased the threat to groundwater. The decision to construct a public collection system and treatment facility was made early in the 1970's. The original Wastewater System was completed in 1973, consisting of a collection system; three lift stations, a force main, and a lagoon treatment system. The original service area extended from Springville Pond, south to the southern Village limits.


Due to the rapid growth experienced by the Village in the late 70s and early 80s, the collection system was expanded to meet growing needs. From 1977 through 1980, the service area expanded to include the area north of Springville Pond.

In the early 1980s, it became apparent to Village officials that the existing Wastewater Treatment Facility would be inadequate to meet the needs of the growing community. The existing facility consisted of a main pumping station, a force main, and a lagoon system followed by disinfection cleaned the water prior to discharge into the Wisconsin River. Planning was initiated, and construction of a new treatment facility began in April 1986.

Current Facility

The facility constructed in 1986 is a mechanical treatment plant replacing the existing lagoons. A 36 inch gravity interceptor main was constructed to replace the original pump station and force main. The new facility was substantially completed and began treating wastewater on March 31, 1987.

Growth to the Village of Plover and changes in the regulatory discharge limits, continued to spur the need for increase in the treatment capacities. Since the original construction of the mechanical treatment facility, several process and equipment upgrades have taken place with a major facility upgrade happening in 2010.