Administrator's Office

The Village Administrator's Office is responsible for Village of Plover's government administration and general operations. The Office provides leadership and direction to Village departments, implements Board policy, and represents Village needs to the community and governmental agencies. Some of the issues that the Village Administrator's Office oversees include: 

  • Administration
  • Community Relations
  • Intergovernmental Relations
  • Organizational Development
  • Personnel/Labor Relations
  • Trustee Relations
  • The Village Budget



  • Supervising department heads and the Village Administrator's Office personnel
  • Developing public and employee administrative policies

Administration of the Village Budget

  • Developing and preparing an annual budget for Board
  • Evaluation of the Village's financial condition
  • Consultation with elected officials, employees and the public regarding financial issues

Board Relations

  • Reviewing and preparing agenda items for Board
  • Keeping Board informed, and suggesting courses of action
  • Ensuring the submission of accurate information by departments
  • Researching and responding to Village's questions regarding agenda items and policies

Community Relations

  • Listening to the needs and desired services of the community
  • Communicating information about the needs of the Village and the services it provides

Intergovernmental Relations

  • Working in coalition with other departments in the development and administration of Village policies and programs

Organizational Development

  • Generating organizational policies depending on changing needs or revised laws and codes

Personnel & Labor Relations

  • Providing direction and oversight of personnel issues, contract relations, and negotiations
  • Evaluations of department heads, personnel
  • Research and initiation of employee programs and organizational development